About us

Maple Adventures is based on idea to show You the rural and wild part of Croatia. The beauty that it’s not compare to any other, we will try to get you closer to Velebit mountain, Lika fields, Gacka fields, Krbava valley and Adriatic Sea. There is also National park “North Velebit”, National park “Paklenica, Gacka river, Lika river and act.
The founder and owner of this agency. Long experienced hiker, paraglider pilot, climber ect. Have been through many mountains all over the world, each one special in their own way, but his driving passion is Velebit mountain.
It stretches along the Podvelebitski kanal, part of the Adriatic Sea, from the Vratnik pass near Senj to the northwest to the Zrmanja river canyon in the southeast. On the land side it is surrounded by the Lika and Gacka fields. The entire mountain area is protected as a National park, and Northern Velebit and Paklenica are proclaimed national parks. Within NP North Velebit there is also a specially protected strict reserve Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi.
Even we know a lot about Velebit it is still not fully explored, and with every step we take we can find something new that take our breath away, and I want You to fell that experience with me. I want to show You the hospitality of peoples who lives there, our community, tradition and natural beauty of middle part of Croatia.