River Lika is our greatest River 78 km long. At the very end of the river it’s built a large accumulation Krušćica Lake, the Krušćica lake abounds with a plenty of fish, some of them are: catfish, and Pike!!
One of the most famous buildings on the river is definitely a stone bridge in village Kosinj. The bridge is designed to be resistant to strong water attacks and its built from stone blocks without cement, or any of the modern fixing. It was designed by the designer Milivoj Frkovic in the 19th century, and was built on the basis of the old Croatian technique of “stone clipping”. The bridge is also unique in arc arches that have the function of water wave disintegration, impacting on the bridge. Construction of the bridge began in 1929 and was released in December 1936.
Our offer
Kayak ride through the canyon of river Lika, to lake Kruščica . It’s vacation for everyone, old and young.

Included in the offer are: transport to the destination, kayaks as well as all accompanying equipment, tents if a multi-day trip, all the necessary permits, a meal from local produce.

The price refers to a one-day excursion

Not included: waterproof clothing and footwear.



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Price / Cijena: Kayak rental price 40€