Premužić mountain trail

Mountain trail, which passes through the North and central parts of the peak of the Velebit mountain. The trail is 57 km long, and the first 16 km (8-9 hours) passing by the area of Northern Velebit. The usual direction of hiking is from the North, from the mountain house Zavižan (1594 m), via the saddle Big Alan (1412 m) to the Oštarijska vrata (927 m). The trail was built in just four years, from 1930. up to 1933, and because of the quality of construction and integration into the natural environment this path represents the Pearl of architecture of pedestrian roads in Croatia. It is named after the forestry engineer Ante Premužić (1889-1979), and it’s also known as a Permužićeva staza.
It’s build so that there are no great climbs, and the height difference between the highest and lowest points in the whole of its length to a total of 700 m-the highest point is at 1620 m in National park Sjeverni Velebit, and lowest from 920 m is at the very end of her, on Baške Oštarije belonging to Velebit. The average slope is 10%, the maximum is 20%.
We offer you a three-day hiking adventure through the beautiful mountain with professional local guides.
We start from the Zavižan on foot to the Mountain House Alan where we stay overnight, second day we continue walking from Alan to mountaineers shelter Skorpovac, rest and stay overnight. Third day: start from Škorpovca to Vrata Oštarijska.
We’re going back with a car in civilization, and that’s where our adventure ends!
Included in the offer: transportation to the destination, all the necessary permits, professional local guide, sleeping in mountaineering facilities, meals, transport back.
Not included: mountaineering equipment (clothing and footwear), walking sticks !!
Note: For this adventure we require adequate clothing and footwear, depending on weather and season!



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Price / Cijena: 210€